We offer full services for Ski-Doo snowmobiles by trained mechanics along with general maintenance services for other brands of snowmobiles. 
General maintenance services are also available for ATV's, motorcycles, and trailers. 

Labor Rate : $84 / Hour

 Shock Service: $50 per Shock + Oil and Parts if needed






2-Stroke EFI : $70
Two Cylinder Carb &
4-Stroke : $110
2-Stroke Three Cylinder : $145

Plus parts, grease, fluids and filter 

2-Stroke EFI : $110
Two Cylinder Carb &
4-Stroke : $160
2-Stroke Three Cylinder : $185

 Plus parts, grease, fluids and filter 
Check for Service/Warranty Bulletins Includes Type 1 and the following
General Inspection Check suspension condition & torque strap
Grease Chassis, Lube Steering Check idler wheels, bearings, sliders
Clean or Replace Plugs (Carb Models) Check ski & runner condition
Remove & Clean Carburetors Check steering components & Front suspension
Check fuel lines & Carb. boots Check & Charge battery (if applicable)
Check lights, tether, kill, ignition switches    Check starter rope condition
Change Oil and Filter (4-Stroke) Check condition of throttle cable
  Check braking system & adjust
  Adjust drive chain
  Check fan belt condition (if applicable)
  Check coolant level and condition (if applicable)
  Check Injection oil pump & lines, adjust
  Check Clutch bolt
  Check Clutch alignment
  Check Bumpers
  Check Driven pulley pre-load
  Check track tension & alignment
  Check ski alignment
  Replace Chain Case oil
  Check RAVE valve movement


A la Carte Services

Clean/Check Clutches                                                   $84 + Parts

Clean/Check Clutches and Replace Secondary Rollers    $126 + Parts

Replace Fuel Filters Including Sump Filter                    $168 + Parts

Replace Oil Filter (2-Stroke)                                        $65 + Parts

Compression Test (Varies Per Model)                                $25-$63


All prices are labor only for service performed, if a problem is found the customer will be notified and additional parts and labor will be extra.
Oil injection container and fuel tanks are not filled unless instructed to do so by customer.
All work is performed by or under supervision of a Ski-Doo Certified technician.

*Pricing subject to change at anytime


Store Hours
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Sat: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM