Tail Lights  

Multi-Function Combination Taillight

Rectangular Multi-Function Combo Light

5” Square X 2-7/8” deep with mounting studs 2” on center

This Multi-Function Rear Light has a corrosion resistant molded housing and bronze contacts

No plug is required; simply insert the wire ends for a secure connection

Right Hand Light Functions as a stop, turn, tail, rear reflex, side marker and side reflex

Left Hand Light performs the same, plus has a license illuminator

Peterson:  LH  V440L
             RH  V440



Rectangular Wrap Around Combination Taillight

Rectangular Wrap Around Combo Light

9” X 2-1/2” X 2-7/8” deep with mounting studs 4-1/2” on center

5-In-1 Tail Lamp, Stop, Turn, Tail, Side Marker Reflector

Replaceable Lens

Peterson:  LH  52362-3
                RH  52372-3



Flush Mount Sealed Stop, Turn, Taillight

Taillight Kit 421KR    Replacement Light 421R

6-1/2" X 2-1/4" X 2-3/8" deep

This unit is completely sealed in a Lexan housing and lens, and the bulb is shock mounted to protect it from wear and tear

This advanced design virtually eliminates rust, corrosion, filament fracture and installation or removal problems

Light is ideal for narrow widths

It is legal in either horizontal or vertical mount

The kit contains the grommet, plug and grounding screw necessary for installation

Peterson:  Kit  V421KR
    Light Only  V421R

Sealed Round 4" Stop, Turn, Taillight

4" Round Taillight

4-1/4” X 2-1/16” deep

Sealed 4” Round Stop, Turn, Taillight may be used on both curbside and roadside of vehicle or trailer

Legal in either horizontal or vertical position

Polycarbonate lens is welded to housing to form single unit

Can be purchased as a kit with grommet and 3 wire plug

Peterson:  Kit  Y426KR
Light Only  426R