LED Wells Cargo Style

LED Wells Cargo Style

2-1/2” X 1-1/16” Clear LED Clearance/Marker Light

Used on Wells Cargo Trailers equipped with LED Lights

Complete light assembly with connector

Available in amber or red

Wells Cargo:  Amber  3502231
                        Red  3502233



2" Round Marker/Clearance Light

2" Marker/Clearance Lights

2" Diameter

Functions as side marker or clearance light

May be used as combination side marker and clearance light when properly mounted

Features sealed lens and housing

Light comes without flange for use with rubber grommet

Requires 2-wire plug to complete installation

Features 15,000-hours long life bulb

Available in amber or red

Peterson:  Amber  146A, PM1461
                    Red  146R, PM146



2-1/2" Round Marker/Clearance Light
2 1/2" Round Marker/Clearance Light

The 2 ½” Round Lights utilize standard lenses, and are used for mounting in areas with limited space

Contain one #193 (12v) 15,000 hour heavy-duty bulb

Available in amber or red

Optronics:  Amber  MC-58AS
                      Red  MC-58RS



Oblong Two Bulb Clearance and Side Marker Light

Oblong Two Bulb Light

4-1/8” X 2”

This Two Bulb Light features two VIBAR sockets for prolonged bulb life

The acrylic lens snaps and seals into the housing

It contains two #193 (12v) 15,000 hour heavy-duty bulbs

Available in amber or red

Peterson:  Amber  135A
                    Red  135R